Going social or old school?

Last month we decided to do a little test…

Along with updating our MILO showreel, we also put together a video behind what appears to be the creation of our studio’s new signage… and so we decided to play around a little. Like most other agencies w we’ve been too busy marketing other brands and getting their name out there, that we’ve somewhat neglected our own online presence, and this was something we needed to get sorted.

What will work best for us? So many platforms. So many different options. The overwhelming decisions that bring businesses to us in the first place.

This was MILO’s first campaign so we’d nothing to work off. SO. We decided to split our budget in 3. One third going to Insta/ Facebook. One third going to Linkedin, with fairly similar targeting. And most excitingly, one third going into the good old fashioned way - a mail out.

We’ll keep the social stuff simple. The Facebook/Insta campaign increased clickthrough to the MILo website by 117% and Linkedin only saw and increase of 52%.

BUT. Our direct mail out say an increase in visitors of 402%. So what did we do?

We’re only a new agency and relatively unknown, so we played on it - sending out a simple flyer to marketeers that we’d identified, it had our logo on one side and www.whatsmilo.ie on the other. We were fairly sure that almost everyone wouldn’t know who we were and their curiosity would be peaked.


For the same spend that we spent on Facebook and Linkedin, 70% of people who viewed the ad followed through to the link and caught all of our “signreel” on our website.

And they say that social is taking over.