If you haven't yet... it's time to join the Dark side

“Been watching anything good recently?”

It’s the question that indicates the conversation is on the edge of running dry. It’s the new “Any nice holidays coming up?”

It’s also the question that you should answer with “DARK.”

If you’ve not already seen it. G.E.T O.N I.T. With season 2 wrapped up (Netflix) we can safely say that Dark is the remedy to restore your faith in series, after the shambles that was Game of Thrones Season 8.

Beautiful cinematography, brilliant acting from a cast of relatively unknown actors (in these parts anyway) and a mind-bending storyline makes this our favourite piece of cinematography to come out of Germany since The Lives of Others over a decade ago.

Before you take on this post and pre-apocalyptic drama (wait, what?) know a few things:

A) If you haven’t clocked it already, this is all in German and believe me, you don’t want to touch the English dubbed version. So be prepared for subtitles.

B) The story line, albeit done very, very well, jumps all over the place like a cat on a hot tin roof, so put down that phone and pay attention.

C) The opening theme tune by Apparat is one of the best we’ve come across, so don’t go skipping that intro. Have a listen below.

D) You are going to absolutely love it.

This is one for photography nerds. This is one for sci-fi nerds. This is one to put at the top of your watchlist.

Now go watch it. Schnell!