One for the Rascals -

There’s not many things that we like more than good design.

But… when good design meets beer, we get a little excited.

When good design meets beer and pizza - mob rule takes over.


A few months back artists Inking Cap and Jess Tobin pointed us in the direction of their local watering hole, in the form of the Rascals HQ, and since then we’ve been boomeranging back and forth to Inchicore to get our fix.

Set in a large warehouse with the full brewing line on display, Rascals HQ is a beautifully designed, brightly lit space and is the ultimate stop off for a feed or place to get the crew together to watch a game.


Even if beer isn’t your thing, if you’re pizza-ed out from the saturated city centre market take a quick trip up The Liffey to HQ and you’ll find a gem of a menu full of pizzas with somewhat more experimental toppings than spots in the middle of town. Our go to is The Mother of Dragons - it’s a fiery one. Also bucking the trend - unlike some other microbreweries we’ve come across who are guilty of tagging on food as an after thought to the beer, this isn’t the case with Rascals. Carefully thought out dishes and decent choices for folks with gluten intolerances, both across their drinks and pizzas, it’s clear to see that just as much love has been put into their food offering as their drinks.

Check back in with us for more of our favourite spots around Dublin… and in the meantime go and book yourself a table at Rascal HQ… especially if it’s game day.

All images - Rascals Brewing