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It started of with a few sneaky midweek pints in Grogans and it ended up with a multi-coloured explosion Canada…

In a story of one thing leading to another… I was out for some much needed medical support in the form of creamy Guinness and decent chat. Someway or another this chat turned to the documentary The Artist Is Present about performance artist Marina Abramovic and her 2010 exhibit in MOMA. Performance art - it’s a divisive one. Some people love it, some people find the very premise as OTT. But… each to their own.

If you fall into the latter though, watch The Artist Is Present - it might change your mind and if nothing else it’s an entertaining couple of hours.

A few days later this conversation in Grogans led me down an Instagram hole of performance artists. Among the screaming women, blokes repeatedly slapping themselves and something strange involved a donkey and a megaphone, I came across brilliant splashes of colour.

My first thoughts were “This is far too visually appealing to be performance art” and then I watched Callen Schaub’s videos. Would you classify this as Performance Art? Not necessarily, but performance makes up a big part in the delivery of the final product. Words can’t do justice to what seems to be taking a relatively simple technique (although we suspect there’s a lot more to it), putting on a brilliant show and subsequently delivering beautiful art. SO, rather than rattling on, scroll down and watch a man who’s dedication to his art form is only matched by his enthusiasm and drive to take his followers on the creative journey with him. Follow this man on Instagram - it’ll brighten up your day - @callenschaub

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Credit: CBS Arts