Going social or old school?

Last month we decided to do a little test…

Along with updating our MILO showreel, we also put together a video behind what appears to be the creation of our studio’s new signage… and so we decided to play around a little. Like most other agencies w we’ve been too busy marketing other brands and getting their name out there, that we’ve somewhat neglected our own online presence, and this was something we needed to get sorted.

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Wings n’ Tings

Yesterday we were on site getting stuck into some of the finest wings n’ tings that Dublin has to offer - mid shoot break in Just Wing It and we got talking about our favourite music vids. Quickly forgetting about the music itself we concluded there is simply no one who does more unique videos than Chicago’s alt-rock foursome - OK GO.

Between hunkering down through travelators, super slow mos and building the ultimate Rube Goldberg Machines there isn’t much that they won’t take on, when it comes to delivering visual masterpieces.

First up to feature in our things we muchos love is Obsession co-directed by OG’s lead singer Damian Kulash and Japanese director Yusuke Tanaka. Enjoy… and obsess.

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