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Services: Photography + Social Media Management + Drone video


As BRITA approached their 25th anniversary in Ireland we were tasked with localising their online presence whilst rolling out a variety of marketing campaigns throughout 2017 and 2018. Moving away from the stock imagery that primarily dominated their social media presence, we focused on rolling out local initiatives and working with Irish retailers, to give the brand a real sense of Irishness. Highlighting elements that are central to the BRITA brand, over the course of 2 years we have organised sponsorship of a number or Irish environmental initiatives such as Seal Rescue Ireland and have also taken on endurance athlete, Shane Finn, as a brand ambassador.

Expanding on this groundwork, we also focused on the people behind Bluestone Sales & Distribution, who are the company that distribute BRITA products in Ireland and put a face to the BRITA Ireland brand, with marketing events at the likes of Wellfest and the Dublin City Marathon Expo.

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  • Increased BRITA Ireland’s Facebook following by 21%.

  • Developed a more localised brand image that saw an increase of interactions with the brand online by 62%.

  • The roll out of 3 brand activation events throughout Ireland.

  • A increase in sales of BRITA products on the Bluestone Sales & Distribution website.

  • The launch of the BRITA fill&go Active, in collaboration with Kate Bowe PR, which received national press on TV, print and online.